Monday, May 10, 2010

Top 50 Games - 45. The Curse of Monkey Island

Remember the days of point-and-click adventure games? I think I've heard something about these kinds of PC games making a bit of a comeback, this time employing episodic formats. However, I'm content to simply recall The Curse of Monkey Island and get swept up in the warm comforts of nostalgia. Here are this game's merits, in convenient list form:
1. It's hysterically funny.
2. The characters are impossible not to love. Guybrush Threepwood (brilliant name by the way), LeChuck, Murray, etc. etc.
3. The hand-drawn/painted visuals are a real aesthetic treat, with whimsical spinning clouds, vibrant seaports, ominous swamps, and highly decorated interiors.
4. The puzzles are well-crafted and quirky, requiring just the right amount of contemplation and a careful examination of your inventory.
I don't have a fifth bullet point to satisfy our obsession with multiples of the number, but it matters not. When those four areas of praise are bound so tightly together as in The Curse of Monkey Island, the result is one of the most flat-out charming games ever made.

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